Stephen Edwards: Kigamoboni Green Field Project


Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania has experienced an increase in informal housing due to the rapid expansion of the city. Many individuals in the city would like to improve their living conditions through upgrades or formal land purchase, but face financial limitations that prevent them from pursuing bank loans. The Kigamboni project aims to improve living standards for slum dwellers by providing access to domestic funding. The project works with individuals to assess financial risk and provide them with a manageable loan. Ultimately this project aims to provide a pathway to better living standards for individuals that reside in informal settlements.

The Kigamboni project is organized by Tanzania Financial Services for Underserved Settlements (TAFSUS). Stephen Edwards worked on the Kigamboni project during his time as an Urban Upgrading Officer at TASFSUS. He sees the inspiring potential of providing loans for urban improvement, and and how this money will help under served communities implement  water, sewage, and waste systems.

Through a grant received from the Slum Upgrading Facility of UN Habitat, TAFSUS has been able to purchase 80 acres of land, amounting to 374 plots on the nearby island of Kigamboni. As of late February 2016, 79 loans have been approved for individuals residing in Manzese, one of the particularly neglected communities in Dar Es Salaam.