Ruth Casanova: Brand Development for the City of Colima

Ruth Casanova is working as an Urban Marketing assistant at the Planning Institute for the city of Colima (IPCO). Her project consists of creating a plan for the development of a brand for the city of Colima. Currently, the city of Colima does not have an official image, logo, or city brand to represent and promote it. For this reason, the city is seeking to develop a management tool to capture its identity under a defined vision, mission, and philosophy that will enhance the existing strengths and generate new opportunities for improvement.

This project will serve to develop an assessment and plan that captures the essence of the city as a unique space and expresses a positive transformation for the city and citizens. Colima’s brand image aims to be indicative of a new direction for its medium and long-term growth, elevating its commercial appeal, attracting new investment, avoiding the migration of businesses, improving the urban image, and avoiding the loss of historical heritage.

IPCO meeting: defining the iportance of co-creation for the implementation of sustainable and successfull projects. Co- creation refers to the importance of citizen participation/feedback in the formulation and implementation of municipal projects for the city.

Ruth’s project plan:

1) defining the methodology for the project based on precedent of similar urban marketing campaigns in other Latin American cities

2) performing an analysis or diagnosis to generate an image of the city of Colima, based on the city’s strengths and opportunities drawn from prior extensive research conducted at IPCO

3) generating strategies that gather, improve and promote the city of Colima’s image, based off marketing principles

4) defining a set of prescriptions that allows for the management and implementation of this plan in the future.

According to the Program of Urban Development in the city of Colima, 26% of the population see the volcanos as the most attractive feature of the city, 22% think of the parks and gardens as the most beautiful part of the city. Citizen participation and opinion is key in urban marketing projects of city brand and image formation.