Madison Mackenzie: Edamame Development Program

The Edamame Development Program is an NGO that aims to improve food security and economic opportunities for local farmers in the eThekwini Municipal Area.
Edamame (a type of soybean) is a new industry within South Africa and part of the EDP’s goal is to facilitate the development of an otherwise non-existent market for Fairtrade certified edamame. Fairtrade is a strategy that aims to promote sustainable development and the reduction of poverty through fairer trade. EDP has identified Fairtrade certification as a way to empower the small, emerging producers they outsource from and to increase the farmer’s income generation.

The project will consider the Small Producer Standards and Trader Standards for the emerging farmers and the EDP to maximize the potential output for Fairtrade certified product. The role of the EDP in this project is to find the best route for certification and support the farmers with necessary training and provide assistance through all stages of the process. The end result of certification being a more direct partnership between small producer and consumer.

Madison Mackenzie works as an Engagement Strategy Coordinator at the eThekwini Municipality in Durban, South Africa.