Ally Cunliffe and Alice Stevenson: Green Screens DBN


Green Screens: DBN is an initiative to host environmental film screenings and sustainability discussions in Durban, South Africa. Ally and Alice created this seed fund project to bring environmental awareness to the Durban community through art and film. Green Screens: DBN hosted monthly screenings of environmental documentaries followed by a discussion on the film’s topics.

We want to get everyone talking about environmental issues, regardless of education, age, or career path. We want to raise awareness about important local and global sustainability concerns. We want to foster a lively discussion to create a dynamic and responsible community. We want to call people to action.

Gareth Wasylynko, a following Durban intern wrote an excellent piece on the blog detailing the project. Here is an excerpt:

“Recognizing that discussions of environmental sustainability in Durban seemed to be isolated to the government ranks or academia, the project aimed to strengthen public awareness of environmental issues through the creation of a safe space for education and dialogue. In its final form, Green Screens DBN became a three part series of environmental film screenings where the purpose of each film would be to promote the discussion of a particular environmental issue amongst attendees.”

The films screened:
Part One – “Elemental” on April 26th  . Attendance: 35
Part Two – “The Shore Break” on May 25th   .  Attendance: 40
Part Three – “Trashed” on June 30th  .  Attendance: 38

Read more Gareth’s full blog post detailing each screening: Green Screens: DBN

Ally Cunliffe worked as an Engagement Strategy Coordinator and Alice Stevenson worked as a Social Development Coordinator at the eThekwini Municipality in Durban, South Africa.