Alec Young – Codepa Skatepark

Alec Young started the Codepa Skatepark project after recognizing a lack of public park space in Cabo San Lucas, specifically for the city’s large skateboarding population. His plan to build a half pipe in the community gained immediate support with large figures in the Los Cabos skateboarding community. Support for the project snowballed as construction ensued. The majority of the project was funded with SCIIP SEED Funding, however to achieve completion additional funding was raised through a raffle organized by Alec’s project partners and the Los Cabos skate community.

The half pipe is now complete and is a popular new addition to Cabo San Lucas skateboard infrastructure. See images and videos of the skate park in use on Instagram.

An update from Alec:

I believe the Codepa Skatepark Project was the seed needed to transform the way the government and the development community view skateparks – they are indeed a form of community development and can act as diverse public spaces.  From my experience I found that skateboarding in Los Cabos offered youth a chance to connect with their community, stay healthy, and form strong bonds with friends and role models.  The best examples of such role models were my project partners: Josue Garcia Cota, Javier Tirado, and Eugenio Sandoval.

The opportunity that skateboarding provides youth contradicts what is normally associated with skaters, but based on the amazing collective effort of the Codepa Skatepark Project, I am confident the new perception will become the norm.  The project was community driven and the skateboarding community in Los Cabos is only getting stronger.

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Alec Young tells the story of how inspiration became reality with the Codepa Skatepark project