Time Traveling

Here I am, days away from reaching the halfway mark of my time here in Los Cabos! What would October-Sara say to July-Sara? She would probably say ‘Sara, there is never enough mosquito repellent!’ In all seriousness, I think July-Sara would be incredulous if October-Sara told her about all the personal and professional growth, the adventures, the challenges, the achievements, the friendships, the ocean, and the sunrises that have occurred in just three months.

This is a letter to the past from the present:

Dear July-Sara,
You may want to sit down, get a couple tacos and a cold glass of horchata. I hope you enjoy the read. 

I’ll start by telling you all about the beautiful people you will meet in in the next few months.
Sara, you made the right choice of living with Katelynn and Stephanie. They will welcome you into their life, listen to you when you need to vent, guide you when you need advice and push you to be the best version of yourself. Your coworkers will seem cold and intimidating at first, but don’t give up! Remember that any type of relationship needs time, work, and effort. You will slowly start to feel part of the team and even reach the point of having inside jokes with some of them.
You will get along with your supervisor very well, José Juan will also become your TRX coach and help you regain the love you had for exercising. He will believe in your ideas and want you to believe in them too. Confidence, Sara. CONFIDENCE!


At work, things will be challenging. No one will approach you and ask you whether you want to work or if you want to learn. You will have to take ownership of your learning and your professional growth. Two tips: think outside the box and be more Colombian than usual. Thinking outside the box will help you stand out and bringing out your Colombian side will help you fit in easier in the Mexican culture. José Juan will remind you to defend your ideas and be more confident. Go ahead and challenge yourself.

You decided you wanted to learn how to surf in Los Cabos. Just to give you a heads up, you will have a very hard time finding a surfing coach. You will call at least ten different schools, they will think you are rich, and they will try to charge you too much money. Or, even worse, say they can teach you and leave you waiting for their call for weeks. Don’t panic! George will come unexpectedly into your life and will commit to you and the eagerness you have for learning how to surf. Most importantly, he will teach you how to love the sport and give you all the good vibes you need. You will love George.

Your love for food will only grow in Mexico. You will also learn to never trust when a Mexican says ‘no pica’ or ‘pica, pero poquito’. All of the sauces will burn your throat and leave your tongue numb for a couple of seconds.

Last, but not least you will have a breathtaking view of the sunrise from your balcony. Make sure you take a moment each morning to appreciate it and the beautiful place Los Cabos is. Let the sunrise be a reminder that everyday can be the best day of your life.

P.S. Lenida, your coworker, is pregnant, she isn’t just gaining a ton of weight every week.


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