” When life attracts more life “

And after the storm, the sun comes out unequivocally. That is when the adaptation period ceases to be, and we feel more accustomed to our new element: Guadalajara. The way of the rains here seems to parallel our personal storms we have encountered.  Sudden and strong, flooding everything, but at the same time helping cool and refresh the environment, along with the shining sun that feels like summer moments after.


We have reached a point where projects start materializing, and we can start seeing the fruit of all the work maturing, even if we can’t taste it yet. Last week we met with the director of Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability of Tlajomulco, along with his team. They gave us a visit to the hill “El Gato”, where a portion of its 24 hectares will be set aside for our Seed project: a community garden. Besides showing us the location designated to our project, they also showed us all the work on the hill that has been undertaken since June. The transition from a deserted, brown dumpster-like piece of land, to a green, reforested area, only took three months. With the help and hard work on behalf of the environmental team and the collaboration on the surrounding community, the initial environmental project has turned into a social project. The community has changed their waste disposing habits, planted trees, and continue to support the maintenance of the reforested hill. The images of the hill before the intervention does not resemble the hill today.

The initiation event of reforestation occurred on World Environment Day,  June 5th2016, where over a thousand people assisted in planting over 70,000 trees.

“Butterflies are back, we can see birds, turtles, frogs, perennial flowers and plants that have sprouted on their own, without us planting them. Whole ecosystem cycles are being restored. Families are coming to the hill just to walk around, people no longer throw their garbage on the hill. Very deep change is taking over, not only on the hill but within the people. It might sound cliché, but life attracts more life”, said Miguel Corrales Leon, the director of Environment and Climate Change.

Visiting the Hill with the designers and first authors of the projects wasn’t only inspiring, it also stirred the feelings of hope and purpose inside. We can say the energy of the hill even penetrated our hearts and amplified the determination of contributing to this wonderful project.


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