Morning Brief: Who gets a sidewalk?

by Ezra Lipton

I have enjoyed coming into work and reading ‘La Tribuna’, the local newspaper in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. It has been interesting, not only to test out my spanish, but also to see how many of the local news topics are also issues of the day in many local papers in Canada. This week, La Tribuna has been running a series on inaccessibility in the municipality for people in wheelchairs. Accessibility issues with infrastructure were one of the first things I noticed in my first week in Los Cabos. Since then, I have been documenting the good and bad and the interesting of infrastructure. I’m interested with the attempts to provide accessibility that have fallen short due to negligence or lack of consideration to actual user experience.

2016-01-05 09.56.00
This one left me scratching my head

I am also interested in the disparity of where universally accessible (or even usable) infrastructure has been installed so far. Sure, you have to start somewhere, but there is a glaring trend towards tourist-focused areas, while highly traveled pedestrian routes, on arterial roads in local areas are literally missing parts of the sidewalk (header image), or pedestrian crossings have not been provided. I plan to continue to document issues of accessibility, infrastructure, and its distribution throughout the municipality during my work here, which I’ll write about soon. I’m also hoping that La Tribuna’s latest series will draw attention to the city’s deficit of infrastructure, and the accessibility challenges that exist. It’s hard to encourage people to walk, if there isn’t a place to do so.

2015-12-31 12.14.56
A good, marked crossing complete with lips at all parts of the crossing in the Zona Hotelera, San Jose del Cabo, although that bush creates a significant visibility barrier

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